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  • Water Management Matters

    CSRware’s Energy & Sustainability Data Management integrates a powerful WATER module to address drought reduction goals.

    You can now collect all aspects of water data, analyze it and manage reduction activities. CLICK HOUSE ABOVE…

  • Supply Chain Compliance

    Supply Chain Management doesn’t have to be old school. Assess & measure risk / performance while meeting regulatory compliance.

    Centralize data, send to all your suppliers in a secure private ecosystem then analyze results & drive action.

  • Public Dashboards

    Highlight key initiatives, cost reductions & illustrate transparency. Display visual results to all your stakeholders.

    Simply send automated visual dashboard feeds & images to enhance your own website pages anytime.

  • Compliance Document Vault

    Centralize documents like Policies, Code of Conduct, Environmental Compliance procedures.

    Upload, share and manage document version control.
    Assign document owners, get feedback then publish to group.

  • Cloud-based Software

    You know the Sustainability & Environmental Compliance pulse of your company, but reporting is challenging. Why?

    Spreadsheets don’t cut it – they are outdated as quickly as they’re produced. CSRware keeps your information fresh.

  • More Key Benefits

    Global markets are competing for human & natural resources. Accounting of non-financial data is paramount to longevity.

    Click here for more key benefits –

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On May 30, 2013

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