Since 2008, CSRware has worked with early-adopters like Electronic Arts, VMware, and many others to determine market potential with direct input into analyst reports like Gartner, Forrester, 451 Group, Verdantix, Financial Times and more to establish this new industry. Together we continue to evolve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability and move it from the periphery to the fabric of all organizations. The CSRware community is achieving high performance and value using our software and services to meet regulatory compliance, CSR reporting, energy efficiency and managing risk across the entire value chain.   Come take a tour with us to learn more - Request A Demo

  • Robert Phocas, Esq., LEED AP – Energy & Sustainability Manager

    "The City of Charlotte is one of the top ten places to live and CSRware helps make it so we keep this title. CSRware has tailored a program to help us track our environmental impacts, including electricity, natural gas, and water consumption. CSRware makes it possible for us to develop a customized product that allows us to track, measure and report out to our employes and citizens."

  • Curtis Ravenel, Global Head of Sustainability

    "CSRware provided Bloomberg with a cost-effective, On-Demand Sustainable Supply Chain software to measure supplier performance. In addition, CSRware developed a software platform to aggregate Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) data. CSRware offered exceptional customer service to simplify the deployment of our Environmental Performance Survey to assess our global suppliers."

  • Dr. Charu Jain, Global Sustainability for DyStar

    "We needed a software partner to manage our vast sustainability data & to align sustainability goals with our global business strategy. We are happy to have partnered with CSRware to move on this journey through their efficient ESM (Energy & Sustainability Management) and delivering wonderful results."

  • Brad Minnis, Director, Environmental, Health & Safety

    "Juniper Networks evaluated a number of Energy & Sustainability software solutions for their global operation. We needed to aggregate data, analyze information and report to the Carbon Disclosure Project and the Global Reporting Initiative. We selected CSRware because it proved to have the best functionality and deepest understanding of corporate sustainability."

  • Joel Paige, VP & Managing Director at PGA National Resort and Spa

    "PGA National Resort & Spa is using ESM-Lite to collect, measure and report on energy and sustainability. CSRware understood the unique nature of the hotel business and its fluctuating occupancy levels, and offered a software solution that gave us the data we needed to conduct analysis to improve efficiencies."

  • Jennifer Farrell, State of CA – Energy and Sustainability Team

    "The California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation required a central database for complete analysis of our energy and sustainability program across all California facilities. CSRware delivers the complete solution for energy and GHG management."

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Partners & Memberships


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Blog & Media Coverage



CLICK ON ANY SECTION (IMAGES) BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION. The business world is awakening to an inevitable reality: our global economy, society and environment are inextricably linked and in need of environmental sustainability compliance and oversight. In increasing numbers, savvy companies are beginning to adopt and adapt to the new measure of organizational success and risk mitigation. With new sustainability and conflict minerals frameworks in place, organizations can better manage environmental sustainability compliance and performance. Come take a tour with us to learn more - Request A Demo

Benefits / Services

CLICK ON ANY SECTION (ICONs - HOUSE, PUZZLE or KEYBOARD) BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION. Benefit from CSRware software and consulting services by reducing cost, man-hours and compliance risk. We align you with a repeatable process for reporting to partners, CDP, GRI, DJSI and the SEC. Why not use software from your iPhone, iPad, Surface, Android or any tablet to access your information or utilize CSRware consulting where you will receive immediate assistance with SEC guidance, analysis of data derived from software and audits before final report submissions or supply chain risk assessments are due. Come take a tour with us to learn more - Request A Demo

  • Consulting & Analysis Services

    If you are struggling to get started with your environmental sustainability program, we can help frame it for you.

    Our team uses a defined methodology to assist you with strategy, analysis & support. CLICK HOUSE ABOVE…

  • Supply Chain Compliance Dashboards

    Supply Chain compliance doesn’t have to be old school. Reduce on-site audits & save costs with fresh dashboards.

    Setup templates, send to all your suppliers in a secure private ecosystem then analyze results & schedule less audits.

  • Public Facing Visual Dashboards

    Highlight key initiatives, cost reductions & illustrate transparency. Display visual results to all your stakeholders.

    Simply send automated visual dashboard feeds & images to enhance your own website pages anytime.

  • Compliance Document Vault

    Centralize documents like Policies, Code of Conduct, Environmental Compliance procedures.

    Upload, share and manage document version control.
    Assign document owners, get feedback then publish to group.

  • why CSRware – Mobile Web Software?

    You know the Sustainability & Environmental Compliance pulse of your company, but reporting is challenging. Why?

    Spreadsheets don’t cut it – they are outdated as quickly as they’re produced. CSRware keeps your information fresh.

  • Software Designed For You

    Global markets are competing for human & natural resources. Accounting of non-financial data is paramount to longevity.

    Like tax filings, access to Sustainability and EH&S data is key to business continuity and long-term profitability.


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